First Noble Truth

So last night I had a dream. There was no movie to the dream. There were no pictures. It was just the simple dialog of the Four Noble Truths with a huge emphasis on Number 1. Life is suffering! That’s it. Pretty simple. Why did this happen to me? Why do I feel the way I do? Why is it that every time I….how come animals are tortured and abused? Why do people suffer endless pain all over the world? Why are we destroying our planet for future generations? Why are people mean? Why? Why? Why?…..well, because the First Noble Truth is FACT!!!!! That’s why. Nothing else really. You cannot escape the First Noble Truth…Life is suffering. There is suffering. You cannot pretend that it is not there, and you cannot get away from that fact. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. It doesn’t matter what your faith is. It doesn’t matter if you have a faith or not, you are going to suffer, period.

Now, the good news is we have two, three and four. There could be an end to it if I choose, and there is a path that tells me how to end suffering, which for me I believe is my life’s journey, so it’s all a learning curve basically. But for some reason last night in my dream, the only thing that kept repeating itself over and over was that Number 1 exists, and there is nothing I can do about the fact that it exists. I can work my whole life to help to stop it, but it still exists nonetheless. Then as I was waking up, it turned into I need to make this into a tattoo somehow and then in my mind it turned into the fact that I need to make a collage or painting with this in mind. Other than that, the truth is, next time I ask why me, the answer is because the First Noble Truth exists and is in place regardless of what I think about it. Acceptance, right? Now on with 2, 3, and 4…..especially 4….the Noble Eightfold Path which outlines exactly what I need to do to help stop Number 1 for me. Pretty exciting awareness for so early in the morning don’t you think?


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