Today is the first Mother’s Day without my mother here on earth.  It’s a surreal kind of feeling, and I always am wondering where she is.  I don’t have a belief in anything in particular after life because I haven’t been there to know, but I feel like somehow she is around in some way.  I have always looked at my children as MY legacy, but today I am thinking about my mother’s legacy, and me and my sister are a part of HER legacy.  We both have characteristics of our mother such as strength and determination.  When she set her mind to do something, you best get out of her way, and I loved that about her.  I think Angela and I have that same drive!  Her legacy lives on in me and my sister but also in my children and my soon-to-be grandson…  This morning I was thinking about her and I decided to hang some fabric that was hers in my kitchen.  She loved to decorate, and I do as well.  There is definitely a hole that she used to fill that is now somewhat empty, but it will never be completely empty as long as her memory and her legacy live on in us and our family.  If she is able to know anything about her girls right now, it’s that we are a part of her that lives on.  I am grateful that she gave me life, a life that I am trying to live to the fullest and to the best of my ability!  Thank you, MOM!